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We trying to give you the best solution about your iPAD hardware or software problem , If you traveling a problem call us we can fix it.

iPad Pro 9.7'' 2016 LCD Screen and Digitizer

PRICE: €230.75

With 24% VAT:€286.13

  • You may need this repair if :
  • The screen was cracked
  • The screen does not turn on
  • touch does not working
  • The screen has line on it
  • The screen has detached

iPad Pro 9.7" 2016 Battery Replacement

PRICE: €70.55

With 24% VAT:€86.88

  • You may need this repair if :
  • The battery runs out quickly.
  • The battery does't charge.
  • The battery is sowllen
  • The device turns of before 1% charge
  • The device does't turn on

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